Burger lovers troop to 8Cuts for the P8 Cheeseburgers



Thousands queue to celebrate 8Cuts’ 1st Anniversary in U.P. Town Center to availthe P8 cheeseburger. The day before 8Cuts’ first anniversary, a social media post sounded almost too good to be true: “8Cuts turns 1 with P8 Burgers.”  The post, a “pop-up price” message by 8Cuts, went viral, reposted and retweeted hundreds of times and on Oct 8, the burger lovers dubbed as “8ttackers” trooped to the burger joint and queued to wait patiently for 6pm when the regular price of P195 was slashed to P8.  All who came before the cut-off 7pm time, could avail of the anniversary burger and so they arrived in droves – families, students in uniforms, jocks in sports gear, barkadas, friends, couples, even solo diners.

The line, starting right outside 8Cuts in the second floor of U.P. Town Center extended all the way down to the first floor, and spilled over to the amphitheater, and all waited in hungry anticipation with the red half moon appearing in the night sky.  The long wait was made fun and bearable by 8Cuts’ famous onion rings being passed around for free by the 8Cuts crew, and the appearance of BurgerBear, the lovable mascot of BurgerBar, the burger joint in Greenbelt known as the “big bro” of 8Cuts.  BurgerBear joined the crowds as they wished 8Cuts a Happy 1st Birthday, snapping photos and capturing videos of the memorable night. It was past 10pm when the last group was finally seated.  They had waited for hours, but as they chowed down on their P8 cheeseburgers, all agreed it was “worth the wait.”