Din Tai Fung Philippines Opens the First Xiaolongbao Bar

DEC 2017

They say simplicity is key, and at Din Tai Fung, our xiaolongbao has been called the best in the world, and has managed to catch the attention of people all over the globe for good reason. The Din Tai Fung xiaolongbao is so well-loved, that we’ve put together the first Xiaolongbao Bar in the Philippines! An all-day dining space that will be dishing out the famed dumplings from morning till night. We’re also happy to have finally found the perfect space for the Xiaolongbao Bar right in Makati, at the new wing of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.

Din Tai Fung’s study of the xiaolongbao is bar none. The secret to it is the careful balance between dough, broth, and filling. Handmade daily, each piece is sealed with 18 to 21 folds to ensure the right bounce and bite. Each dumpling is dipped into a perfect ratio of vinegar, soy sauce, and ginger slivers, a combination that best highlights every bite. The xiaolongbao is laid on a soup spoon, before a small hole is poked into it for the sumptuous broth to flow out. The delicate yet tasty soup is consumed before adding a slice of ginger, and eating the dumpling whole.

Putting this tasty morsel front and center, the Din Tai Fung Xiaolongbao Bar runs a long all-day dumpling list with some exclusively prepared for this place alone. Joining the Din Tai Fung staple dumplings are xiaolongbaos filled with likes of Chili Crab & Shrimp, Pork & Kimchi, and Uni & Pork. Specials found here alone include the Truffle Mushroom Fried Rice, and Dry Noodles with Braised Beef, which can be enjoyed between sips of Black Milk and Jasmine Rose Milk Teas. Stuffed buns are also in attendance, through fillings that include Braised Beef, Chicken Mushroom, and Chili Crab with Pork.

The Din Tai Fung Xiaolongbao Bar is outfitted as a breezy café, with art installations as well as original in-house fixtures, adorning the walls of the space. Guests may notice a take-out window to one side, where ALL dishes at the bar can be ordered and picked up to-go. A balance of stately and playful, the place will have curious eyes wandering just enough, until baskets upon baskets of xiaolongbao fill the table.