P.H.A.T. Pho Opens in Rockwell


SEP 2016

To much of Rockwell’s anticipation, Phat Pho opened its second outlet in Manila since it came to the capital in 2014. Phat Pho, originally from the esteemed Abaca Group of Cebu have collaborated yet again with the Moment Group so that more diners can enjoy modern street style Vietnamese fare.

Phat Pho’s signature pho is pretty hot and tasty as ever, with the Seafood Pho now permanently on the menu. In addition to this Vietnamese classic, the restaurant also serves up the crowd favorites such as the Saigon Baguette Banh Mi, with house-made baguette; bite-sized and addicting rolls of Goi Cuon; your choice of tender skewered Pork Belly, Chicken, or Angus Beef Satay; and the cravable carb staple, Com Chien.

The Vietnamese kitchen continues to dish out a variety of pho, alongside a delicious array of modernized Vietnamese street food fare, making it everyone’s upbeat and casual noodle bar of choice.

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