The Moment Group launches its newest most affordable concept: Shawa Wama

DEC 2017

The Moment Group launches its newest concept, Shawa Wama, a locally thought-out brand that presents its own take on the flavors of Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey, through eastern Mediterranean street food fare. Located at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall, and served dominantly over the counter, dishes here are cobbled together as get ’em and go food.

Shawa Wama gets its name from the globally recognized shawarma. Except this time it’s been turned on its head, as a modish takeout shop, trading in the standard shawarma wrap for pita pockets, and a few other things. The menu reads short and sweet, divided into a trifecta of stuffed pita, rice bowls, and hummus options with meat options that come in the form of beef, chicken, and lamb, or vegetarian options like red beet falafel or fried cauliflower. The three of which can be picked from and used in the Wama Specials, that is, a protein of one’s choosing with hummus, pita, and rice. Additionally a 12-hour sous vide Primo beef slab can be ordered over rice, or with the Wama Special. These all come with a side of tangy cabbage slaw, and can be smothered with five different sauces of cheese, mild green chili, hot red bird’s eye, white garlic, and lemon garlic. Each meal that comes out of the menu is exotic yet familiar, and is simple, yet satisfying.

To date, Shawa Wama stands to be the most affordable concept in The Moment Group’s line of restaurants. With tummy-filling meals coming in under P250, it’s a steal that doesn’t scrimp out on anything. As Wama meals are meant to be taken out and away, a delivery option will be available soon.

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