The Moment Group is now at the Manila Polo Club

DEC 2017

In the past 5 years, TMG has been about venturing into creating homegrown establishments and introducing global restaurants into the Philippine food scene. THIS 2018, we’ve branched out to the dining spots of the well-known and loved Manila Polo Club.

Using our restaurants as inspiration, we’ve introduced a menu with favorites from our different establishments. Expect some Crispy Sisig and Watermelon Sinigang from Manam, Cheeseburgers and staple sides from 8Cuts, and a taste of Bank Bar, best taken with that Polo breeze.

But we won’t stop there, our menu will evolve as we get to know the Polo diner. As co-founder Abba Napa said “But over the course of time, we have a whole slew of fun dishes that we think would make sense in the setting that is Polo. Hopefully it makes sense for us to introduce them into the menu, one by one, as we get to know the Polo diner more intimately over the course of the following months. So in the end, expect new dishes that have come from our imagination and not necessarily from any of the restaurants.”

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