8Cuts X Ooma Launches Limited Edition Soft Shell Crab ‘Wich


MAR 2017

Two of The Moment Group’s kids have come together to make this limited edition Soft-Shell Crab ‘Wich, which puts that Ooma Spin between our staple 8Cuts buns.

We’ve taken to crab mentality of the soft shell kind lately (in time for the Lenten season too!). 8Cuts and Ooma have come together and created an explosive sandwich you’ll want to get your claws on: the Soft Shell Crab ‘Wich. This 8cuts-Ooma animal gets the Ooma touch as a beer-battered soft-shell crab is layered with unagi sauce, mozzarella, mango salsa, herb aioli, aligue mayo, and crisped-up salmon skin—all between pillowy 8Cuts brioche buns.

This limited edition Soft Shell Crab ‘Wich is available in all 8cuts and Ooma stores, from March 3, 2017 to April 30, 2017. Grab it while it’s hot!

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