P.H.A.T. Pho

TMG’s first franchise, P.H.A.T. Pho, was borne out of a partnership with one of Cebu’s most respected restaurateurs, the Abaca Group. Vietnamese is known for their straightforward, clean-tasting dishes, and P.H.A.T. Pho offers both that, and a spin on tradition. Their brand of Vietnamese fare is served up with a bit of a rock n’ roll vibe, in an urban-style noodle shop setting, seriously good music, and even better food.


Linguini Fini

Hong Kong’s Homegrown Foods has been known for truly innovative concepts, which makes this collaboration with the Moment Group incredibly fitting. With Linguini Fini now in Manila, Filipinos have access to authentic and tasty Italian fare that offers fresh produce, locally-sourced ingredients and marvellous pasta that’s 100% homemade. An Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture, it has a distinct sense of style and attitude, with a nose to tail ethos and commitment to sustainability.



Mecha Uma

In Manila’s feverish dining scene, there is probably no other young chef whose food has become as quickly revered and sought after as Bruce Ricketts’. The privately-run chef’s table is best known for its seasonal tasting menu, one of the first in Manila that uses air-flown specialties from Japan and an extensive use of local organic produce. The menu is a portrait of global cuisine with Japanese inflection, and is a true, passionate collaboration with the talented chef and The Moment Group’s founders.


Manam Comfort Filipino

How does one make Filipino food appeal to Filipinos who can’t seem to stray away from the home-cooked meals they love? Manam offers Filipino comfort food with a spin on plating and portioning, giving customers the freedom to customize their dining experience. The restaurant has been making waves because of its creative menu, delicious fare, and innovative take on portioning that caters to the lightweight eaters, the big eaters and everyone else in between.



8Cuts Burgers

There may be burger joints a plenty in Metro Manila, but 8 Cuts features 8 cuts of beef in custom-blended patties that are freshly ground, hand-pressed and seared to order. This attention to detail for what is usually seen as greasy grub, shows off what the Moment Group has become known for. The proof is in the pudding: with several outlets in the metro, long lines, and constantly buzz-worthy burgers, this is the Moment Group’s fastest expanding brand yet.


8Cuts Menu  

‘Cue Modern BBQ

When it comes down to the art of barbecue, restaurants in Manila that are dedicated to smoke and fire are far and few between. Established in 2012, ‘Cue redefines the concept of barbecue with its unique “long, low and slow” cooking process, with an expansive menu that is a throwback to mix & match heritage cooking. Fire, smoke, wood chips and charcoal all play an integral role in achieving the nostalgic and delicious flavors ‘Cue is known for.