Ooma Opens in Rockwell


JUNE 2016

Following the success of its inaugural outpost, The Moment Group’s Ooma now opens its doors to a brand new neighborhood: in the Edades Tower of Rockwell, Makati.

With the introduction of this second outpost, a range of new items are making their way to the menu, which include a Maguro Zuke Taco Maki; an open faced temaki wrap with a soy and olive oil-marinated piece of tuna, with an egg yolk dipping sauce. Joining the rundown of Aburi Makis is an oyster variant that packs a crunch and creamy cheesiness to the bite. The new menu also introduces a dish inspired by Ricketts’s recent trip to Japan: an Anago Truffle and Mushroom Soba, which has fresh water eel tempura above a mound of steamy buckwheat noodles in hot broth.

An added element to Ooma’s new outpost is an homage to The Moment Group founders’—Eliza Antonino, Abba Napa, and Jon Syjuco’s—shared affinity for sake. Because of this, a sake den has taken up residence in Ooma’s second floor, featuring a wide variety of sake.