Shawa Wama

In The Moment Group’s search for creating gustatory statements through their concepts, inspiration manifested while looking into flavors east of the Mediterranean. Shawa Wama was formed from this, a union of the flavors telling of the cuisines of Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey. As it is street food, Wama meals are meant to be taken out and away; munched on while walking over to the next important place to be, snacked on while binge watching yet another show on tv, or savored while sitting on the sidewalk curb late at night after one drink too many.

The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen was initially meant to be the R&D kitchen at The Moment Group’s headquarters. Then, it became a space that could moonlight as a private dining hall for its owners, Abba Napa, Eliza Antonino and Jon Syjuco. As with all the initial concepts of their restaurants, however, The Test Kitchen’s ambitions blossomed into something bigger. It became an intimate place where friends and family could come together and celebrate. It’s set out to play host to a string of chefs, whether from TMG’s own restaurants or not, where they can let their inventiveness roam and flourish. Special launches may even happen here, and tastings for new dishes.  

The Mess Hall

An apostle for gastronomic innovation, The Moment Group is in constant search for food ideas worth one’s salt. This venture is a peek into their own private playground: the Mess Hall. The place acts as a cafeteria in adulthood, from the self-service counters to the long communal tables. A perennial pop-up of their ingenuity, Mess Hall will be serving up and dishing out meals from The Moment Group’s personal concepts—beginning with Manam. Featured in Mess Hall’s Manam spin-off are crowd favorites like the House Crispy Sisig and Watermelon Sinigang. Like any of TMG’s other homegrown brands, this spectacular first setup is only the beginning for what the Mess Hall has in store for curious diners.