Fresh New Dishes in Linguini Fini


APRIL 2015

Linguini Fini, the Pasta Experts, launches new homemade pastas and the 18” Kingpin pizza There’s more homemade goodness as the Linguini Fini Manila team has come up with new dishes sure to satisfy, and in portion options to suit any appetite. The new dishes, made fresh and from scratch in true Linguini Fini style include a truly comforting 4 Cheese Rigati with gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella with crisp bacon, and an equally delicious Pancetta Linguini Carbonara with Grana padano, basil and egg yolk.  Tomato lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh and zesty Spaghetti Arrabiatta with chili pesto, roasted garlic and local cherry tomatoes. Putting the spotlight on local flavor is the Aligue Cream Linguini with pickled chili, roasted garlic and black caviar.  There’s also the Shrimps and Clams Fettuccine with  the catch of the day.  Freshness has been the cornerstone of LF cooking so the seafood caught in the morning is delivered to the restaurant on the same day daily. And all these homemade pasta come in 3 sizes: lite, regular and grand so there’s a place at Linguini Fini for everyone and every appetite.

Italian is synonymous with pasta and of course, pizza and there are new flavors fresh off the oven:  the Gamberetti & Peperoncino with marinated shrimp and tomato pesto sauce, and the Wild Mushroom Pizza with homegrown Shitake mushrooms, ricotta and porcini.  And there’s the Kingpin, a New York style 18” with all the good stuff diners crave at Linguini Fini.  The Kingpin has the 4 best flavors in one 18”’ pizza:  the all-meat Bronx, Manila Caprese with kesong puti, the new Gamberetti & Peperoncino and the flavorful Longganisa & Scamorza.

Burgerbar is now 8Cuts

MARCH 2015

BurgerBar opened to much buzz and burger love in Nov 2012, being Manila’s first full service burger restaurant offering handcrafted patties and bringing a whole new level to the local burger scene. It was Pop Tate’s come to life, and quickly became the go-to burger joint for kids and kids at heart.  In less than a year it spun off as 8Cuts Burger Blends offering the same menu in UP Town Center and 6 more followed with the latest outlet in Salcedo Village Makati.

And now, in line with all its “li’l bro”, Burger Bar is renamed 8Cuts, and aptly the 8th outlet.  The name may have changed but the much enjoyed burger experience, including its beloved playlist, is here to stay.  So head over to Greenbelt 2 and get a taste of the best burgers in town!

8Cuts Opens in Salcedo



The night was young, with guests savoring the tastiest burgers in town, sipping mojitos and margaritas, beer flowing from the tap, and then the claws came out – for quiz night! It was the 8Cuts opening party in the buzziest food neighborhood in town, Salcedo Village.

Burger-loving guests were treated to new tributes like the Bacon Shroom Cheeseburger and Bar Burger 2.0, with free flowing lemonade margaritas and mojitos, and addicting mini milkshakes for dessert. Old school rock and roll music filled the air, then the volume turned low to give way to Quiz Night. Guests formed their own teams and chose names that best described them like Urban, Flava, Style Centrale, Baboy Ramones, and the youngest team, School Kids plus Principal. 8Cuts after all is for kids and the kids at heart.

With quiz categories like Music, Movies and TV, Pinoy Pop Culture and Food, teams brought their A game and battled it out for cool 8Cuts merchandise and bottles of Don Papa rum. Like all exciting battles it came down to 2 teams and a nail-biting tie-breaker, with the winners being awarded burgers for a year! The fun continued on with burgers.

Burger lovers troop to 8Cuts for the P8 Cheeseburgers



Thousands queue to celebrate 8Cuts’ 1st Anniversary in U.P. Town Center to availthe P8 cheeseburger. The day before 8Cuts’ first anniversary, a social media post sounded almost too good to be true: “8Cuts turns 1 with P8 Burgers.”  The post, a “pop-up price” message by 8Cuts, went viral, reposted and retweeted hundreds of times and on Oct 8, the burger lovers dubbed as “8ttackers” trooped to the burger joint and queued to wait patiently for 6pm when the regular price of P195 was slashed to P8.  All who came before the cut-off 7pm time, could avail of the anniversary burger and so they arrived in droves – families, students in uniforms, jocks in sports gear, barkadas, friends, couples, even solo diners.

The line, starting right outside 8Cuts in the second floor of U.P. Town Center extended all the way down to the first floor, and spilled over to the amphitheater, and all waited in hungry anticipation with the red half moon appearing in the night sky.  The long wait was made fun and bearable by 8Cuts’ famous onion rings being passed around for free by the 8Cuts crew, and the appearance of BurgerBear, the lovable mascot of BurgerBar, the burger joint in Greenbelt known as the “big bro” of 8Cuts.  BurgerBear joined the crowds as they wished 8Cuts a Happy 1st Birthday, snapping photos and capturing videos of the memorable night. It was past 10pm when the last group was finally seated.  They had waited for hours, but as they chowed down on their P8 cheeseburgers, all agreed it was “worth the wait.”