The Moment Group and Bank Bar at Madrid Fusion Manila 2016


APRIL 2016

Madrid Fusion Manila, the biggest gastronomical congress that brings the world’s most renowned chefs, was an event clad with inspiring presentations from culinary mavericks who came to share their experiences with food and new techniques. One of the highlights of the event were the Regional Lunches organized by the Department of Agriculture which featured Filipino chefs who showcased distinct and sensational Filipino flavours.

Participating on the final day of the festivities, which was curated by Town&Country executive editor, Alicia Sy, were The Moment Group and Bank Bar who whipped up dishes and drinks in line with the theme: Philippine Street Food. Fully embracing the theme, the two stalls were hard to miss with a towering rainbow umbrella, plastic barrels brimming with street drinks, and colourful table covers resembling the humble street canteens in Manila.

Corporate Head Chef Robert Bolanos at the helm of the Moment Group creations, turned turon into a tartlet with poached banana in peppered Palawan honey and langka mousse. Next to these addictive treats were the Laguna delicacy, binatog. Creamy roasted yellow corn tossed in house-made cheese whiz salt in coconut fritters.

Right beside the TMG stall was Bank Bar. True to its reputation for inventive cocktails, Bank Bar came up with a playful roster of pampalamigs and pampalasings – Filipino street coolers mixed in with local liquor. There was a Pinoy Pickleback showcasing burong mangga: pickled mangoes with whiskey, chased with a nostalgic Boracay inspired longga burger. The refreshing Buko Pandan Daiquiri was Inspired by the local buko pandan. The Green Mango Margarita with green mango infused tequila offered a sour kick while the Drunken Sago’t Gulaman posed no pretentious potency. Mimicking the simple sago’t gulaman enjoyed in the streets, this cocktail’s actual sago and gulaman were infused with Don Papa Rum to give an extra burst of alcohol in every sip and bite. Even Virgilio Martinez, Latin America’s number one chef, stopped by for this crowd-pleasing liquid courage.

Taking the service of street food to heart were the Moment Group’s very own Eliza Antonino, Abba Napa and Jon Syjuco who joined TMG chefs and bartenders in handing out the street treats and drinks.

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